Challenge #04078-K060: Lost and Found

Wraithvine nearly reprimands a group being helped by a person who's thin, exhausted, and still working hard. Until they realize that the group's been trying to get the person to stop, too.

"But... I like helping people, it makes me feel as if I'm worth something, it makes me happy, that I have value."

"But you DO have value, to all of us, here."

"No... really... I don't."

--Sigh-- --Anon Guest

It was an easy mistake to make. From a distance, it looked like the thinner, frailer entity at this particular accident site was under duress from everyone else present. Closer to, with hir spells halfway ready to set flying, ze heard the truth.

"Slow down," they were begging. "Let us help. You need to stop for a drink. At least have some of the soup? You don't have to keep doing this."

"I have to help," said the twig of a humanoid. "I'm useful, and worthy this way."

Oh. This was one of those cases. There's always one who puts their personal value into how much good they can do for others. Ze had been one hirself, until ze learned to pace hirself. Unfortunately for the walking twig, Wraithvine had methods to deal with those.

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