Challenge #03976-J324: A Cup of Relief

One leaf is brought in a small, black box. Sweet and flavorful, it has but one purpose. They are suffering. The leaf is placed in water, the tea is made. Their suffering will be alleviated and they will sleep, painlessly, forever. They knew this when asking for the leaf. Anything was better than the pain. -- Anon Guest

For those who suffer the most, for those who beg for it, there is the Last Tea. It is made with one leaf, and only the truly deathless can prepare it. Only the truly deathless can handle it, and even then, it makes them ill.

The last doctor this patient needs has prepared to administer the medicine. A very small teapot full of hot water. Cloth over most of their body. And a small box with a hefty lock.

"Smells sweet," said the suffering patient.

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