Challenge #03906-J254: Running Off

The human was found running the special racing track all hours day and night. When asked why, they were honest, it was the only way they could think of to help control their temper after a bad fight. Problem is, the human tended to run the track, until they literally collapsed. -- Fighting Fit

Their Human was fast. Special training, they said. Flitz could be found there when they could not be found anywhere else, and Companion Pwyll was still trying to wrap his head around their Human's reasons for being there.

There was the basic self-maintenance running, which was Flitz's training sessions early-early in the morning. There was their once a week 'challenge' running, where they pitted themselves against fellow maniacs to get the best time over a specific distance[1]. Then there was this.

This was... furious. The look on Flitz's face was far more dangerous than any other expression they had on their special track. Whenever Flitz had a bad day, or a bad moment, or lost an argument, they went to their track to run. And then they did not stop. Not even when their legs refused to run any more.

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