Challenge #03764-J111: Flying, BYO Wings

Humans are NUTS! This one bought something called a hang-glider. Are they jumping off that massive cliff with that thing? This is CRAZY! Thank the powers I have wings and can at least follow! -- Anon Guest

Humans cannot fly on their own. This is known. This does not, however, stop them from slipping the surly bonds of gravity by any other means.

This one was a giant kite. Aluminium tubes, brightly-coloured silk, and very little else. There was a sling attached to the frame that looked big enough for a passenger. But there was only one Human there to put it together.

"Who do you anticipate riding with you?" asked Companion Oyd, craning her neck to watch Human Sens test the last couplings. The manic smile of the Human should have explained it all.

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