Challenge #03732-J079: A Lesson to Absorb

They were the child of THE wealthiest people in the entire alliance. And yet, all they wanted was to live a quiet life with their friends. Sadly, there were those Deregger tourists that came in, and were mean to their friends just because their friends didn't have as much time. Well, time to teach these Dereggers a lesson in respect! --Anon Guest

Freaking... arrogant people who thought they were above everyone else. They were the worst. Every summer season, they came to the Paradise Resorts and made a pain of themselves. These ones had done the unforgivable.

They had hurt Quy's friends.

They could ignore the usual Deregger-level horseshit, but this particular crew had gone out of their way to humilliate Quy's clique because they took a disliking to the shade of Quy's skin. The shitheads.

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