Challenge #03669-J016: Don't Ask About Dog Hair

The human race has only recently been allowed into the Alliance, and people are just getting used to their odd ways. And, ah, the poor medics, they are convinced and worried as they are dealing with a human with very strange symptoms, until another human teaches them about Hangovers. -- Lessons

From The Care and Maintenance of a Ship's Human, the collaborative infonet community: "Humans, especially Humans from their sovereign territories, are known to imbibe toxins for fun. They enjoy the sensory effects and are willing to pay with the deleterious ones."

Human Kieth had reported in as 'sick' and was not inclined to voluntarily visit the medical bay. His companion Human, Gio relayed the news with a pained expression on her face.

"He tied one on, last night," she said. "Let him suffer. Maybe he'll learn something this time." And with that enigmatic utterance, she returned to work.

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