Challenge #03664-J011: Any Rogue With a Pencil

Una familia se acerca a Wraithvine y le pide el don... de la alfabetización. -- Anon Guest

[AN: Translated from Spanish by DuckDuckGo: A family approaches Wraithvine and asks for the gift... of literacy.]

"Of course I can teach," said Wraithvine. Ze would begin with the Trader Tongue, since it was literally everywhere and understood by most, if not all, intelligent creatures. It would do them the most good in the least amount of time. Ze would also take hir time to teach as much as possible of their native language. That, too, was important.

No time is ever wasted in teaching anyone literacy. Not even an immortal's time.

The reason for their request came easily enough. They had relied upon their neighbour to help write down the accounts, and were therefore helpless against the local tax collectors when the lies cost them more than they could usually afford.

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