Challenge #03533-I245: I've Got Them on My List

Sorry InterNutter, heh, I gotta, this is just TOO delicious not to prompt it!

Lillicoon offers to move in with Jay and Sunshine as a friend and companion, and the two decide to take her list of four special targets, the ones who hurt her the most, and give them their "special brand of justice". It will not be over quickly, and these four will NOT enjoy their time under these two men's hands.

From here - especially from the comments. -- DaniAndShali

Blame. Punishment. Cold justice, served at near to zero kelvin. Pax Humanis could be very good at that. The CRC and the Alliance it served sent out the very vilest Humans to permanently deal with reprehensible people. The mess left behind was an object lesson in why it might be smart to choose kindness.

Mr Sunshine was very neat. Very orderly. He left bodies that were works of art, in their own way. Separated parts catalogued by the crimes they supported. Pinned neatly to corkboards filled with other documentation. And no other traces of his passage.

Jay... preferred the pound of flesh. Suitably tenderised and often pummeled into an unrecognisable mass. Investigators had to perform DNA tests as identity verification.

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