Challenge #03317-I029: Blessing? You Mispronounced 'Curse'

Do you really want to fight and kill to gain immortality? Did you really just barge into my home demanding I remove your mortality and make you as immortal as I? Well, you're in luck, I'm feeling particularly generous today. No I'm not going to make you immortal, idiot, put away your blade. I AM going to let you look into the mirror that will show you your entire life, from your birth, to your future as an immortal. And, if you think you can handle ALL that you will face, I will grant your wish. If not, you will leave your bloody blade here, and go back and apologize to all you have harmed for this, and make amends. No don't look at me like that, this mirror holds YOUR life, I cannot see what it will show because it doesn't work like that. It would only show me MY life. This is the Window of Fate. Do you think you can handle the Fate you will face as an immortal? Ask it true, and see its answer. -- Anon Guest

"That's it?" said Gurg the Unstoppable. Ze still had a firm grip on hir sword. "I watch what a mirror tells me an' then I get immortal?"

"More or less," Shalidan the Ageless wheeled out an ovoid covered in fine cloth. He stepped away from it as if it might explode. "When you are ready, take down the cloth and see what kind of life you will have as an immortal. IF you can stand seeing it play all the way through, I pass my immortality to you. That is the way it works, and the only way it will work."

Gurg checked for traps, for guile, for a trick... there wasn't any. Nevertheless, ze remained cautious as ze approached. Ze hadn't got this far by being a reckless maniac, after all.

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