Challenge #03291-I003: The Real Enemy

Their people were on the brink of rebellion. True they were insanely wealthy, they owned entire solar systems, but that means nothing when everyone, even their security, was ready to turn on them. To PROVE that all the people were given was good for them, and the health measures "worked", they decided to live for one month like the average citizen of their worlds. Within two weeks they were so sick they could barely move, wracked with pain, and no access to any medical care until they called an end to the experiment and used their money to get something to eat and get cared for so they didn't end up in one of those slum-hospitals. Holy hell, they didn't know it'd gotten that bad! It was time for a change. -- Anon Guest

"Listen," said CEO Pantonthurst Dillataunt-Smythe, "I think there's been something of a misunderstanding. I'm your benefactor. If you kill me, you'll throw the entire economy into chaos."

His bodyguards, weapons still trained on his head, were not impressed. "Maybe we want some chaos. And you're not as good for us as you think you are."

Desperate, backed into a corner, Pantonthurst said, "My systems work, and I can prove it. Just let me prove it." And that was why, more or less, he was walking the streets in his tighty whities.

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