Challenge #03225-H316: A Different Cause For Tears

A human was crying, their friend asked what was wrong. They'd heard all their lives of all the wild cruelties humans had done to each other, then found an ancient, archived, video of humans in the past acting in kindness. The video really made them smile. -- Anon Guest

Humans don't always have good angles. The stories of them having murderous rampages against species that wronged them abound. Other stories... not so much. The stories of Human compassion, sharing, and daring for strangers are slower to move. Blood and guts, after all, is more of a visceral experience.

It's made Ships' Humans a lot quieter as a result. The softly-spoken ones have a reputation for being walking bombs. Harm their pack, and all bets were off. Humans knew this too.

They generally attempted friendly interactions first. Only after something attempted murder with determination did they retaliate. When a Human retaliated, they did so with a wide splash zone. Which was why it was such a shock to see one crying.

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