Challenge #03222-H313: Necessary Adjustments

Master Twii was taking a class on programming, taking time away from the Dojo, on a station when a lifepod, or what was left of it, docked heavily. The smoking maw of the airlock opening up to disgorge disheveled, frightened, and wounded kids, the accident had killed the very few adults that had been there. The most scared of the kids hid behind the first adult human they saw, never having seen any other species before.

From this prompt - -- Anon Guest

"In teaching, one learns the most. If you do it right." -- Master Twii.

The Master was about to regret their own words, they were sure. That certainty hadn't come to mind when the alert sounded. The Station's debris defense system had picked up a damaged lifepod, and it was all hands on deck. Nobody could have known that it was stuffed with children. And one dead adult.

They for sure knew five seconds after they prised it open. When some scared and tiny Humans burst out, coughing and spluttering. They took one look at the rescue party and nearly fled back inside. Until they saw Twii.

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