Challenge #03133-H224: Learn From Mistakes

The four humans, on leave from the ships they work aboard, are sitting around a table with four boxes that simply read Dangerous Nuts High Scoville. Once known to humans as "The Death Nut Challenge". Grinning, and razzing each other, they're about to each see how much spiciness they can handle when a level 3 Deathworlder, full of arrogance, pulls up a chair and demands to join them. After all, these squishy, weak-looking, apes are eating what is just five little nuts, then so can they! The Deathworlder finds out, these squishy apes have far stronger stomachs, and either deadened taste buds, or a lot more pain tolerance! -- Lessons

[AN: These death nuts can kill two ways, including peanut allergy]

Norg the Mighty held himself up to his full bulk and puffed out his plumage as the Humans laughed. Stupid balding apes. They looked too fragile to be holding a contest like this. "What?" he demanded. "I can do anything you squishy apes can do!"

"Uh, these are peanuts, coated in Carolina Reaper capsaicin, mixed with pure cinnamon and some other food grade dessicants. You allergic to any of that?" The Human warrior placed an epi-pen on the table, flicking her plumage like a challenge. "We're ready if you are. Allergies don't count. Only the spice does."

The other Humans at the table chanted, "Spice! Spice! Spice! Spice!" as they thumped the table. This was a challenge Norg could not back down from. He walked up to the table without any outward sign of fear. It was just food. What could possibly go wrong?[1]

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