Challenge #02925-H002: He Prefers the First Option

Violence is never the answer. But it’s a very effective solution -- Anon Guest

There are two potential results of being the deadliest person in armed or unarmed combat. One is that nobody wants to mess with you. The other, paradoxically, is that everyone wants to mess with you. It's a thing. Once you get a reputation for being the biggest thing in the known universe, everyone who thinks they can be a bigger thing wants to take you on as a form of shortcut.

It's always those who have never seen actual combat who are gung-ho for war. Humans have taken to calling them "chicken hawks," in that they're always crying out for war but the last in line to go to the actual front. Humans are far too familiar with the type. Similarly, it's always those who are new to fighting who believe they are the best whoever was.

Which leads, inevitably, to the situation in which Human Ji finds himself. He was just trying to take some time off in the tea garden and someone recognised his current appearance[1] and decided to be one of those organic waste vents. Ji knew what was coming and what was going to happen mere instants after the young swagger in the livesuit said, "Hey, you're Ji Sythe-Wymann! You think you're hot stuff, don't you?"

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