Challenge #02587-G030: Gung Ho

You say "martyr" and I say "I love my family." Sometimes you have to accept that humans make peace with the concept of sacrificing a life for their loved ones (no matter what species). Get on that bike and RIDE, b@tch. -- Ride or Die

This is why Humans are considered insane. Their sense of self-preservation is subservient to the greater good. They can look at an overloaded sled, figure out the importance of the supplies needed at the destination, and throw themselves off for the pursuing predators. Many will grab an axe or a blade and vow to make things difficult, but the result is often the same.

It is more often scattered remains found by the villagers at a later date. Sometimes - rare, celebrated times - it is the sacrifice staggering into the village with extra layers made out of bloody wolf hides.

There is not a mother amongst them who would not die for their child. No parent who would go down fighting just for the chance that their progeny has a chance to escape. There is not one among them who will refuse to go out fighting for their pack. There is nothing more dangerous than a Human who has told the Last Lie. They have nothing left to lose. They call it, "Ride or Die". It is very often both.

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