Challenge #02484-F294: Essential Briefing

A new security force is in training so they can be assigned to various stations. The subject of this particular lecture was the phenomena involving human Silly Seasons. What they were, how to recognize when one was about to happen, how to handle them, and most important, how to curtail the humans safely before the Silly Season got too far out of hand. -- DaniAndShali

Given that this station has opened its airlocks to admit Humans, we at Administration are well aware of your concerns. We're well aware of Humans' unpredictability and the unique ur-festival known amongst their kind as Silly Season. Just as we are aware that one is impending. Humans get bored, no matter what their opportunities for enrichment are. The resultant tensions build up and result in a chaotic party-adjacent atmosphere that spreads like a virus until the Humans vent their pent-up tensions.

This... is Silly Season. The soundless video shows a chaotic group of Humans jumping and cavorting in a group. Some of them, judging strictly by the rhythm of their gyrations, were possibly singing and dancing. Many were just doing chaotic things. Most were laughing.

For the most part, these activities are harmless. Humans play pranks - practical jokes - on each other and any species they know can withstand the jape in question. They do understand that there are environmental and biota protection laws and the pranks will follow most of those legislations. Expect flour bombs- the video showed a thrown object exploding in white powder -water bombs- another missile, this time soaking the target on impact -and organic glitter or confetti bombs- the thrown object cascaded small items around the target. Here, the only lingering problem is clean-up. Fortunately, the Cleaners are attracted to this kind of nonsense.

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