Challenge #01992-E168: Show Me the Way...

Pre-human contact, a single human accidentally finds themselves in space, and the single most powerful being there to boot. They don’t use their powers for good or evil though, they just really enjoy messing with the other sentients, good and bad alike. Please write a story about how this human deals with the various attempts to get rid of them. (Diplomatic or through force) -- Anon Guest

I had to come to term with a few things. One: Alien abduction is real, and not for the reasons you might think. The whole cow mutilation thing is just people unfamiliar with how coyotes and wolves operate, or what happens when cattle get sick some miles from the nearest human. Animals, people, and plants go missing all the time. With people, it's most often a case of Terminal Stupid, and the wilderness swallows them without even having to pick its teeth.

This time... it wasn't that.

Two: Guns are the worst thing to have in space. Think about it. A projectile weapon inside of a tin can designed to keep you alive? The only way to be sure of your shot is to not fire it. Because through-and-through can ruin everyone's lives. That thing you have to keep the coyotes off your hide is only useful as a bludgeon once you're up above the stratosphere and that's that.

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