Challenge #01413-C318: The Otherworldly Ones

Humans are Fae for urban animals -- Gallifreya

"They live in a cave," the corvid insisted. "Caves all over the cliffs. Caves in the grasslands. They're all so confusing that it's difficult to find your way out again. The sky turns into a wall. But if you find a nice one, they will take you to the wall that is open and let you be free."

"They leave food," said the possum. "Some even give it when it's fresh. Most leave it in the cans of plenty in the grasslands."

"They saved my babies," said a duck. "They are gentle and kind."

"They're terrifying," said a raccoon. "I had my neck caught in an impenetrable ring of entanglement, and some chased me. One caught me and came near my body with a knife! But I was freed from the ring and set loose."

"Their food is too good," insisted a pigeon. "Eat it, and you'll never want anything else. Foraging for seeds never seems worth it after you've tasted their fare." And since he was busily pecking at a human pastry, they had to believe him. "Eat too much, and you cannot flee. You cannot fly, and you are theirs forever."

"That might not be bad," offered the possum. "My cousin became theirs and she eats well and never suffers a winter."

"At what cost?" challenged the raccoon.

None of the wild creatures had an answer.

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