Challenge #01294-C199: As the Station Turns

Aliens are exposed to Soap Operas and get hooked. -- KnitNan

Storytelling was not a new thing. Those species with the gift for inventing stories were more likely to find welcome, despite their status amongst Galactic Society.

Only humans had managed to conceive of a story with infinite potential to continue.

Some alien species had managed to decode the Terran transmissions, and eventually decoded the language as well. They thought it was an anthropological study of one particular human clan.

What they didn't know, until it was too late, that it was a continuous human storytelling technique known as the Soap Opera. That information arrived in the form of roaming human storytellers who recognised the technique.

The Vriginthi, in particular, were hooked. They demanded human assistance in making their own version of this continuous drama. They worked with some of their allies on the production and, since they were matrilineal, All My Daughters was born.

Set on a purely mythical Harmony Station, the series All My Daughters followed the life and times of a peculiar family who welcomed aliens and alien culture into their family by adoption or marriage.

The human insisted on certain rules. The one everyone loves to hate never gets their true come-uppance. Similarly, they never actually win. The one who everyone loves never quite gets their happy ending. People with secrets have the kind of secrets that change everything... and so on.

To this day, All My Daughters is nearly the longest-running Galactic drama. Second only to the Terran's Coronation Street.

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