Challenge #00969-B238: The Unstoppable Human

“So what if I broke my arm I’m still doing it.”

(Prompt from CallMeGallifreya on Tumblr)

Kri'ki had assumed it was yet another bizarre human ritual. Elis had sent her off to fetch hard, stiff, long lengths of metal. Then ductape. Then she had to assist in binding one of Elis' forelimbs to some suitable struts and build a harness to immobilise the limb.

"Which festival is this for?" asked Kri'ki. Humans celebrated the most peculiar things at the oddest times. She was so used to seeing some festival co-incide with a disaster that nothing the human did surprised Kri'ki any more.

"Uhm. No festival." Elis summoned a rictus. "Don't panic, but I broke my arm when the aft engine went up."

Of course, anything a human said after the phrase "don't panic" was an absolutely perfect reason to panic. "And you are not feeling the chill claw of Death at your shoulder?"

"Humans are tougher than bug-folk. I'm fine. I promise." The cold sweat and unnatural pallor spoke loudly of her lie. "There's people trapped in there. I have to help."

Kri'ki followed. "Which part of 'broken arm' means you are able to assist? You are needing medical attention."

"I'm closer than the ERT's. I still have one good arm and two good legs and one damn good head on my shoulders. If it bothers you, then you can carry the emergency kit. You need two hands for the fire extinguisher anyway."

"But-- broken arm..."

"So what if I broke my arm? I'm still doing it." She leaned on a broken spar, shoving it out of her way with her body weight. "I'd feel horrible if I didn't."

Truly the resilience, the heroism, and the insanity of humans made a formidable combination.

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