Challenge #00968-B237: One Bland Morning in an Infectious Diseases Lab

“Please stop petting the test subjects.”

(Prompt from CallMeGallifreya on Tumblr)

"Aw, but they're adorable."

"Only a human would find a cage of Oshits 'adorable'..." Brantid sighed. "I cannot allow you to become attached. They are sacrificial subjects in my study on the prickle-hide plague."

"You're giving them prickle-hide? Ouch. Poor iddle spidies..."

Do not kill and eat the profitable mammal... Brantid restrained herself, barely. Chloë, the human hired because she was immune to both Oshits and the plague, was proving more an irritant than an assistant. "Those 'poor iddle spidies' are going to have a chance of helping to save thousands of cogniscent infants, Ms Dalrymple."

"Right. Greater good. Gotta remember it's for the greater good." She sighed. "Couldn't you use something more repellent? Like cockroaches? Or lawyers?"

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