Challenge #00878-B147: Educational Aside

Since this year was a bust, eurovision prompt 2: Lasha Tumbai

[AN: I looked her up on Youtube… wow]

if that’s ‘Eurovision Lite’…” Rael couldn’t help himself. Perhaps curiosity was yet another Alpha-draft flaw. “What is -ah- ‘Eurovision
Heavy’ like?”

“Nearest words I can get is - the video answer tae crack.” Shayde queued up another video segment and fetched more popcorn.

“I’m not going to see anything… awful… am I?”

“Na, na, na… It’s all good. This lot’re very good. It’s just… techno dance accordion.”

“That was word salad.”

“That was an accurate description.”

were wearing mirrors in what could easily be mistaken for a third-dan Insulter’s uniform. The lead singer had a gigantic star on her mirrored

It was techno. It did make him think about dancing. And there was definitely an accordion in there.

And it was catchy as hell.

“That,” he announced, when silence once again reigned, “was almost a level three weaponizable ear-worm“

“Glad ye like,” teased Shayde.

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