Challenge #00853-B122: Summons in Trouble

“…‘and thus do we condem the acts of the malevolent…’? Wait… MALEVOLENT? How dare they call me ‘malevolent’!”

“Yeah, if anything, you’re just incompetent.”

“…Of course, I – hey, who’s side are you on, anyway?!”

“Yours, of course, Master… but even you must admit that your experiments are… a little lacking.”

“Of course they are - they’re experiments. They exist so that I know what to do better next time.”

“But the cogniscent cheese, sir…”

“What? I thought Horace was rather cute.”

“The villagers didn’t.”

“Pfah. Peasants. What do they know?”

“Apparently,” Igor peered at the paperwork, “the summoning of  Tril’bii Mi’so and sundry other legal entities.”

At last, the master grew pale. “You mean…”

“Yes. A class action lawsuit.”

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