Challenge #00383 - A018: Please Understand

“Darling, I love you, and I could never be scared of you. However some things you do will terrify me on a primal level, so please do not be offended that I practically teleport off the couch every time you do that scree-ah noise.”

“You mean this one?” Scree-ah!

“EEE!” Pant pant pant. “Yes. That’s the one. Gets me right in the primitive cortex.”

“Even with a warning?”

“Yes, sweetie. Even when I’m warned. It’s like that thing with my toes and you.”

“Eugh… toes. Yes. I am grateful for those little slippers.” He shuddered, making his feathers ruffle.

“And I would be grateful if you toned down the scree-ah when you know I’m around.”

“Silly Mammal…”

“Beautiful Dinosaur…”

They hugged.

“On the plus side, I know how to wake you up in an emergency.”


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