"Well, Sweetie..."

“Mommy, how did you meet Daddy?”


He blushed. “Uh…” He glanced over at Edi. Edi nodded.

“Well… I was naked at the time…”


“No, he’s telling the truth. Daddy wasn’t wearing so much as one red stitch.”

“There was the band-aid. That was technically cloth.”

“It was on your left shoulder. It doesn’t count as clothes.”

Tril rolled her eyes. She’d been hearing these kinds of arguments since before she could talk. “Mo-om…”

“Do I have to explain why I was naked?”

“One word. College.”

“Right. So I was running for my life and risking charges of indecent exposure. You can’t run fast when you’re hiding your junk. Trust me on this one.”

“Euw,” said Til.

“And he barreled straight into me. Knocked me over,” said Edi. “And this was in the middle of a cold snap, so I was the opposite. Two layers of pants, four layers of tops, a cloak.”

Til grinned. She loved that cloak.

“Me, buck naked on top of her. Pretty much a compromising position,” he laughed at the image, “And then I said:”

“Sorry about that. Hey. If I survive, can I buy you a coffee? I promise I’ll have clothes on.” Edi chorussed with him.

“An encounter like that, you remember,” said Edi. “It was morbid fascination at first sight.”

“Still working for me,” he chirped.

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