Unriddling the SNAFUs

Okay. I've had some errata happening with Steemit. And the queue function. And it seems like I have to have the queue page open so that it will post my blasts from the past.

Math has made it possible for me to deduce that the queue site's twelve noon is my 9PM. So if I want it to post at my twelve noon, I have to schedule stuff for 3AM.

And I'll be starting with the tales that got skipped in the SNAFU, tomorrow-ish by them.

Today, I am manually entering the Blasts via Steemit according to the extant schedule. The fix is going to take a while and then, with all good luck, normal services shall resume.

It's going to be a lot of back-tracking for me. And this is a cleaning day, so I have even less time than normal.

Mayhem is scheduled to start work on this coming Friday. I have to notify the school that this is happening so I don't get the angry text from the office. And since I'm going there anyway, I might as well find a parking spot and go chat in person.

And we need money, mascarpone, a fresh batch of Crack Slaw, more cream, and I'd really love for someone to take over the running around for me. That would be sweet.

The good news is that we managed to save Capt S from the slings and arrows of having to deal with life with just $5 left to her name. My emergency fund took a big hit, but that's what it's there for.

Budget update this coming Saturday.

The bad news is that I missed an opportunity to just... reset. Small beans, really, but my emotional stability is going to be on the rocky side of things for a little while. I'll probably end up bogarting some form of sweet treat more than I should.

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