Tuesday, Announcement Incoming!

I am biting the bullet and committing to making Pseuducku exist. So... between my daily offerings, working on my WIP, and some essential relaxation activities - I will be learning and doing.

Learning: How to make a game on Stencyl.

Doing: Making a game based on the lessons I've absorbed so far.

Hacking one's own brain is an essential skill, and I've figured out I don't keep information about new skills very well.

The good news is that I've figured out how to make a game with nonstandard 'tile' sizes. The bad news is that something glitchy is going on that I need to figure out.

I might need a Windoze emulator, but I might also be doing something wrong. When in doubt - start all over again.

When I get a draft of Pseuducku ready, I'll put them up somewhere on this site. I have yet to learn the uploading process.

As we speak, the Pseuducku page is just the main page and the origin story. I'll be filling in parts as the inspiration/time window hits.

Wish me luck. I am about to lunch with Beloved and send her back to the city.