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First off, the SPG world has too many characters to fit everyone into a verbatim recast.

Though some fit easier than most…

Something to remember, though, for all its modern trappings, Coraline is still a Faerie tale. That’s Fae with an E. On purpose. Because those suckers are *VICIOUS*

My mother said I never should 
Play with the faeries in the wood 
If I did, she would say 
You naughty child to disobey 
Your hair won’t grow, your shoes won’t shine 
You naughty bairn, you shan’t be mine

They’d steal children and replace them with changelings. They’d curdle fresh milk and make eggs go rotten in their nests.

Faerie food was so good, they said, that mortal fare would no longer appeal to anyone who took it. If they were rescued from the Fae, they would just wither away from the want of the taste of Fae food.

Mind you, Faerie food is all taste and no substance, so a mortal would wither and die anyway. Lose-lose.

Never step inside a Faerie ring (the ring of mushrooms/toadstools) without stepping on one to “open a doorway back”, first. And you certainly never invoke magic inside one, regardless. That gains you the attention of the Fae.

Time is a plaything to a Fae. Once in the Faerie lands, the time you think has passed is not the same as the time in the real world. They can make you think you’ve spent minutes, when the reality is days/weeks/years or worse.

And you have to be RIGIDLY PRECISE when making deals with them, because they are both immortal and the biggest mob of rules lawyers you ever had the misfortune to meet. And they’re rotten cheaters, too.

But I clearly digress :D

The hooks on which we could plausibly hang this thing are:

  1. Walter Manor is older than balls

  2. The Fae like old things

Somewhere in Walter Manor is a door. It has always been there. It was there before the first tool started the process of making the first building that ever stood there. And it is well hidden…

Until the Fae want it found.

The Spine (or Coraspine) is miffed because his robot siblings get away with everything, but he gets grounded for the least little thing. He can’t catch a break and wants to have the same freedom that humans do.

Walking through the gardens at sunset, he accidentally steps inside a Faerie ring whilst making a wish on the evening star.

Not long after that… he finds a doll that looks a great deal like him. And then he finds a peculiar door…

A door to a world where all of his wishes seem to come true…

[Obviously, I’m already writing way too much. Someone take it]

Challenge #00016: Worst. Date. Ever!

“Sophia Pirelli was everything a girl like me could hope for: tall, beautiful, intelligent, editor of the college paper, a tall redhead with legs that went on for miles.  I’d crushed on her for months, finally working up the gumption to ask her for coffee. She was perfect.  She was glorious.  And yet we had nothing to talk about.”  

AKA the most awkward date ever/what happens when crushes and reality collide violently.

“Yes, my foster parents

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Challenge #00011: One Fine Day at Genracon (rebloggable by request)

Evoverse or Flotsamverse: The X-Men go to a con, in cosplay or out (Kurt keeps getting compliments on his “costume” regardless). Geeking out and crime-fighting ensue.


“He’s gone to ground in something called jen-ra-con,” The Professor frowned. “Either I’m getting a lot of static or… something is wrong. Nobody there looked at all human.”

Sara glared at him. “You’re kidding me. This high a concentration of freaks

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Challenge #00002: Toad V Spiderman

Toad (either Evo or movieverse) meets Spiderman. Hilarity and quipping ensue?

I can not decide which Toad to use.

Round 1: Evo-Toad V Spiderman

“Where you goin’, lady? Don'chu know this street ain’t public property?”

Ah, the catch-cry of the lesser soon-to-be-very-bruised looser. Peter swung in, landing on a nearby roof and hustled down a handy wall.

Three punks in similar bargain-basement street gang wear were moving in on a rather elongated lady burdened with shopping.

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