It Probably Won'T Work

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Challenge #00860-B129: Cue Maniacal Laugh

“Oh no, he’s won! Now the mad genius is going to destroy the world!”
“What? No. Why would I destroy the world? I like the world. It is where I keep all my stuff.”

“But– You’re going to destroy the infrastructure. The economy. The Pax Consumerist!”

“Nonsense,” sad Mad Doctor Valerie. “I’m just destroying the part of it that keeps people down. Translation, I’m unseating you and all your upper-class ilk by distributing all wealth evenly.”

was such a small button, but the evidence was plain on the screens. All money, everywhere, went briefly into a centralised account, and then went spinning off into even portions into every single back account in
the world. Even Mad Doctor Valerie’s.

“And just so the stock
market doesn’t go do-lally, it’s now owned by nobody. Any profits get
shared out evenly too. Any company with enough shares has them doled out
evenly… but there’s no company with that many shares, yet. Call it a contingency plan.”

“You’re insane!”

“Probably,” Valerie
grinned. “But now everyone starts of with a truly even footing. The
people with the real work ethic will rise. Those without will fall. A
real meritocracy. Nobody is handed anything on a platter.”

“…no…” Andrew Hilton whispered. “…my empire…”

yours. Not anyone’s. Earth belongs to those who want to work for it.” Valerie grinned like a shark. “Ready to flip some burgers… sweetie?”

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