Internutter Liveblogs A Very Bad Day

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Second cuppa coffee

I’m surprised I made it this long without needing one.

I don’t usually have a second cup. Because chest pains and, in the case of today, nausea.

Plus a side of gut-quibbles.

BUT I gotta do what I can to seem marginally competent at the teacher interviews, this afternoon. IDK why I bother. They sent out the first semester report card ¾ of the way through the year.

Like WTH.

Then they had the nerve to ask me to fill out a satisfaction survey.

Yeah right. I might get to it sometime in July. Next year.

First cuppa coffee

I’m out of caramel topping so I put in an extra spoon of sugar and an extra half spoon of drinking chocolate.

So fuckin tired I got Mayhem to tie my shoes for me.

I should not be driving today… but I’m gonna have to.

Hey holy shit, I just noticed that David’s countdown web app has some parralax going on. Trippy. Fucking awesome.

It’s official. My filters are off.


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My brain wouldn’t let me sleep, last night.

It’s 2:30 AM and I give the fuck up. I got so many irons in the fire today…

Getting my brats lined up and off to school. The instant story. The master file. The continuing work on a 50-page Amazon exclusive. Financial shit from an ongoing rats’ nest of red tape that surrounds trying to pay less money to live…

And a P&T thingy

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