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Cleaning day once more

After I'm done with this blog entry, I shall be loading up the kitchen sink with all kinds of post baking fallout.

Good news: I discovered that another living thing in this household likes my "bread".

Bad news: it's the household mouse.

Worse news: the loaf that had been nibbled was also going mouldy.

I despise waste, so the whole thing was sliced and sacrificed to the neighbourhood bird population whilst I hurriedly prepared a new loaf. I like my two daily slices of fibre.

Especially when coated with Philly, cucumber, tomato, and carrot slices. Yumptious.

I'm not posting anything more on Tumblr until the 3rd of September, so don't expect anything from me there. Hell, Pillowfort is warming up for a Beta Test on the same day that a majority of Tumblrites will be going on strike. I might just port all my crap to there.

We'll see.

I have a duty to screencap any advertising I see on Tumblr until the strike is over. And tweet about how this company is supporting neonazis and their sympathisers. As well as pedophilia, because that's also a thing that Tumblr staff apparently support.

But, interestingly, there doesn't seem to be any advertising on Tumblr, today.

I will be glad to move over to Pillowfort TBH.

A word of warning

Just a heads-up that, starting tomorrow, I will be posting daily instalments from my fanfic entitled _Misfits_. It features the debut performance of Sara Louise Adrien, chameleonic ectomorph and consummate weirdo.

I haven’t finished queueing instalments as of yet, but the queue is currently fifty days long.


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