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It's Alive!

Yes, I already know I did the exact same thing on Tumblr, late yesterday. I'm glad you noticed.

But yes! Finally and at last, Kung Fu Zombies is available in print. For those of you who were laying bets, it did take all day.

I couldn't flog it to any agents, so I went to Lulu. Lulu is definitely at home with me publishing on other sites, so that's one 'hooray'. Smashwords doesn't have any co-publishing policy that I can find, so that's a definite 'boo'.

I've sent off a polite missive and have my hopes for a benevolent reply. With all good luck, KFZ is going out on Smashwords in the foreseeable future. And if not... well.. I tried.

In the meantime, you can actually own the very first print book I have made. And I did everything myself, which explains the cover. You can find my Lulu store at:

And I did not know that the spotlight would be my store name 5evar. That's something they could have explained properly. I thought it was the spotlight for my book. Not me. I am made of derp. I understand that. And hopefully, Lulu might let me edit the darn thing at a later date.

And yes, I did credit the nice people behind the stock photos I used. And paid them for the use of same. I need to make $400USD off of this before I can change the cover, so I thank you in advance for purchasing loads of issues of this book.

Second edition is guaranteed to have a better cover. Assuming I get that far. This Lulu thing is more in the style of a grand experiment. If people want physical copies of my book enough to back the editing process [They make the author buy a proof copy! They give a discount, but still... I'm broke as fuck! That's $30+ I could have spent on strawberries for Chaos], then I can do another one later on. After I'm done editing Beauties and the Beastly, I shall have to make some tough decisions.

Oh, and I have to file US tax files again. That's a job for Monday, because today, we're hauling arse out to scenic Coominya to help Beloved's Mum shift some stuff about.

So I should quit bitching and get on with today's tale.

My humblest of apologies...

Today’s story may well be my last.

Not for lack of prompts. I have lots of prompts.

Not for lack of sales. I would do this even if my own mother never purchased a story.

It’s nothing you did or omitted. I promise.

It’s this fucking wrist. I did some damage to myself [NEVER SLEEP WITH ELASTIC ‘SOCK’ BRACER/BANDAGES ON, KIDDIES!] and I need to take a break from writing.

If you need me, I shall be going

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