Brain Hacks

A 2-post collection


Oh, ability to focus, where hast thou gone?

I've run through all my usual means of focussing on the task at hand, and all have... well... failed.

Let's run this through:

  • Listening to vocal podcasts about random stuff: Listening to the random stuff instead of writing
  • Listening to my music collection: Spacing out and reading stuff instead of writing
  • Spacing out and reading stuff or playing games instead of writing
  • Shutting down everything but the work at hand: Re-opening the space-out sources and spacing out
  • Absolute silence: REALLY spacing out.

I need a new brain hack. My Instant and Flash Fanfiction took me all day and I didn't get anything done in the gas area.

I'll try again today.

As far as the TangleBag(tm) project is concerned, I've reached the top of the thing and now I gotta figure out what I'm doing next. Handles, yes. After some scrunch tests, the sisal twine is no more hazardous to grip and skin than any other hessian bag. I'll be crocheting some ribbon-type handles out of the same twine that made the bag.

For the finishing edge, I'm using something called "treble ones" - you start as if you're going to make a treble: hook through last stitch, hook through the stitch below, then make a new loop on the needle. What happens next is you drag the thread through all of these loops for the treble one. Bingo, you have a new 'last stitch' loop.

It works better with threads that can slide, of course. Sisal twine does not slide. Therefore, every one of these stitches has been twiddly hell. Not exactly "zone out and do whilst watching TV" type material.

And yes - the treble ones stop the bag mouth curling inwards quite nicely.

Onwards to the tales.