Sunday, Streams and Sleeps and Stuff

We've just had a very interesting session, with my crew discovering how awful the carnival is. And gathering things that might just help them beat the big bads.

I intended this to be a one-shot intermission on their usual adventures with a side of Plot Vortex. It's now stretched into THREE sessions because my crew have an innate capacity for dicking around.

Tale Foundry is doing the reads as I type this and my immediate plns are: Write story, sleep, publish, then meme.

Beloved is off with Adorable because this day is a great waste of time for her, as time shared with me is at a minimum. Sunday messes me up -_- We will rejigger the schedule for better time to share.

I am already a very tired bean and today's tale may well be short.

Onwards to the rest of my shenanigans.