Stop, in the name of cheesecake!

“Next time we’re both after the same thing…” she offered, “perhaps we can call a truce in the name of cheesecake.”

“Work out which is really the best? Sounds like a plan, then." 

Raven and Rahne meet again, not quite so "off duty” as before.  Jokingly, as part of the typical “witty banter” comicbook fights always have, one of them does call for the “cheesecake truce”, and to their surprise, the other remembers it and takes them up on the idea.

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Each side had taken the fight outside. Both knew the value of their surroundings and had decided mutually to not trash the museum.

It was what gave Rahne the idea to try it in the first place.

That, and the straight line.

“We’re almost clear. Nothing can stop us now!”

“Not even cheesecake?”

Mystique put the brakes on. “Hold!”

The rest of the brotherhood stopped and stared in confusion as Rahne went full-human and Raven dropped her disguise. Both stood a respectful distance from each other. Raven kept the booty tucked under her arm.

“We need this to–”

“–power an ancient relic, aye,” Rahne finished. “Problem is, the fine print was in a Museum in Moscow.”

“Don’t tell me, guarded by an eldritch horror?”

“Also summons an eldritch horror.”

Raven swore. “Why do they even have that cosmic link?”

Rahne shrugged. “On the other hand, Stark can use that crystal to power a generator that has no added horrors at all…”

“Were either him or Sara consuming caffeine at the time?”


“Good. Had to make sure.” Raven relaxed and handed over the prize.

“WHAT?” demanded the Brotherhood.

“Trust me,” said Raven. “It’s for the greater good.”

“Aw man, Magneto’s going to kill us…”

“The cheesecake was still worth it.”

“Amen,” agreed Rahne.

Nobody on her team could believe how it happened.

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