Slippery fingers

My fingers slipped, yesterday morning, and an entire character study fell out and onto the internets. People freaking love it. One hundred and twenty four folks have given it kudos inside of twenty-four hours. That's a little bit less than five folks an hour. Wow.

My fingers slipped again, further on in the day, but Beloved and I were having a Day of Nothing. We basically spent a majority of our waking hours playing Feed the Beast, which is a suite of Minecraft mods, and generally having loads of fun.

So, sometime today, another short little one-shot will appear in my AO3 account concerning Taako's inner demons and the beginnings of their defeat.

I anticipate some more tears.

Writers are very weird people. I cackled with glee to learn that my tally included one broken heart and two more people that I made cry. With words.

Which is pretty darn awesome. Ask anyone.

On today's schedule is: brat run, money run, fetching more of the real cream, fetching more strawberries, pickling some of those in coconut balsamic vinegar, the obligatory Instant, cleaning, five hundred more words in Rael, a little something-something for my $1 Patrons [sign up TODAY!], and most likely of all, another one-shot that could break hearts.

Update: I just got a comment on the aforementioned character study that involved multiple exclamation points.

If only I could generate that level of emotional involvement in my actual work. Even for myself.