Saturday, Rhinovirus Embuggerance

So my blood test results were inconclusive. Just below normal, and the Doc wants another go as close as possible to blood lab opening hours.

Problem 1 - I have a rhinovirus
Problem 2 - I have to book the appointment or wait for everyone doing a fasting test before I get jabbed
Problem 3 - I may have to cancel a stream to do it.

Fun times.

So I must wait for the mild sneezies to bugger off before I book, and then cancel stream on the arranged day just so I can have more blood taken to find out if anything's actually wrong with my cortisol.

...that lay in the house that Jack built.

My cold isn't very debilitating, really. I just have zero energy to do very much and zero inclination to try forcing the issue. Motivation has tanked, alas.

I slept a lot, yesterday. And still managed to get on with another chapter of A Devil's Tale. I might get onto another chapter before the end of the day.

I'm going to be taking it easy today. Whatever my mood calls for is what I am going to do.

Story before the rest of that.