Today's the day I get my dodgy transmission unbuggered. Today is also the last day to get the supplies I need for the journey. Ez-snacks and energy drinks and a firkin tube thing that's somewhere between a scarf and a wimple because that's exactly what I need for the winter.

And if anyone has one - a kigurumi with teeth on the hood. Because I'm that kind of nerd.

I won't have my car for a majority of today.

So the PLN is thus:

  1. Take car to the service place
  2. Get shuttle to the nearest shops
  3. Acquire shit, but not too much shit
  4. Somehow write 1000 words in my novel so I don't have to fret about it tomorrow
  5. Return to fetch the car

To that end, I'm carting my lappy with me so I can at least get some writing done whilst I am out and about. There's bound to be some form of caffeine emporium with free wifi that I can abuse for the interim.

The plus side of all this nonse is that it is ridiculously easy to write 1K for this book. I only worry for the innocent passers-by, who will be witnessing my muttering, cackling, and gurning whilst the process is undergoing.

Of course, during my absence from my office, I won't be doing any double features. I'll save all of those for when I get back and can keep easier track of the numbers. [And I'm not always good at that at home. Yikes]

And as for the Shaturday videos.... it's a bit of a crap-shoot. Even the most stable of my browser collection [Safari, Firefox and Chrome FYI] will randomly die whenever I attempt an upload. Not that anyone really cares. The stats are very low for these vids.

Eh. Maybe I'm making someone, somewhere, laugh.