Making Insomnia Pay

I woke up at Arse AM again, and this time, Mayhem wasn't in a mood to chat. Therefore, I'm about 3/4 done with editing Inter-Mission's latest episode now. W00t.

Even after tidying up the reading, I still have to paste in the background music, but that all takes less than a minute from start to stop.

Fingers crossed, I should have all that nonse tied up by this afternoon. Yay.

Fingers crossed, I actually get a favourable reply to the query letter I sent off yesterday. That would be nice.

We need money because the vanity in the bathroom is literally falling apart. Having it sooner than the time it takes to wring a firkin profit out of bitcoins and get it to a useable state would be fantastic.

Also, something about the state of affairs with that noise is also encouraging the cats to use the general area as a lavatory. I need to research how to discourage them humanely.

But for now, it is time to watch for Chaos' bus. Here's hoping I don't roast in the process.