Lo Batt

So I've swapped my medication to taking it at night. And I kind'a revelled in being AWAKE for a change and wound up staying up until eleven. Whoops.

Also taking a midday estivation until night time probably didn't help there.

So this morning, I'm still foggy, but able to function. For limited definitions of 'function'. I'm still easily distractible and I'm having small troubles maintaining focus.

And I haven't watered my garden yet... hangon...

There. Plants are still alive, yay.

I have what is possibly the most abundant darn spinach plant on the planet. And I have a heinously bad reaction to spinach. I'll leave the phrase 'going at both ends' and leave the rest up to whatever speculation you care to endure.

The worst part is that it isn't instant. I can bide for 24 hours after I have spinach before the alleged fun begins. And it can even be microscopic amounts. I will know. In the worst possible way.

...please don't ever feed me spinach.

Everything seems to be lining up for me. I have psych help happening soon enough. Chaos is into the right kind of school for her. She's even getting braces for free. And I can actually save a little bit of cash for upcoming spending.

BUT... the world is going to absolute shit.

The racist arsenuggets are on the rise. The Muppet won in the US. The isolationist ignorami in UKIP won in Britain. Anti-semites are in power in France... And over here, the One Nation party is gaining more support than ever.

I would vote for Nigel Freemarijuana before I put a number in any box representing One Nation. I would doodle genitalia1 over their party box in the senate election scroll2 before I deigned to signify their existence with a numeral.

Unfortunately, it looks like I am one amongst a noble few who view racism as a state which should not be allowed to continue.

I'd buy an island and make it a nation for everyone who cares about their fellow human beings... but none of these fuckers believe in climate change either. That, and I can't afford an island.

  1. Australians have been drawing dicks on their electoral forms so often that it's become a quasi-legitimate form of voting. If you put down a number or numbers and then drew a dick, it's still a legit vote.

  2. Australian senate elections come in a sheet so vast that it's over a meter(yard) wide and canny voters will roll and unroll it like an ancient scroll.