I got organised! Gasp!

Accomplished this morning since I got woken up at like 2:30AM:

  • Stream of editing the next episode of Inter-Mission.
  • Patreon content posted.
  • Acquisition of colourful exterior body wrappings for junior spawn, aka Chaos (Stage One).

Stage Two will happen tomorrow or Thursday. Depending on when they have the stuff in store. I will, of course, apologise for the hassle I introduced to them. My fault. I didn't think of looking for them on Facebook until it was almost too late.

Now all I have to do is focus on the daily Instant and my 500 words. With a break for shopping in the middle-ish of the day. Chaos needs roomier pants and a few little extras.

Expensive times be ahead. Sigh.

I'll sort Chaos' outerwear first. Then the other stuff.

But before that? I need to tell y'all a story.