How was your Easter?

I ate a bunch of chocolate, had some of that garlic bread that was calling me, finished Bingeing I, Zombie and fucking passed out for the rest of the day.

Carb coma. Happened to both my Beloved and I. And no, my diabetic SO did not have a dangerous crash, thanks for not panicking. No, we just slept off all of that sugar and felt like shit for our conscious moments.

Not doing that again in a hurry.

That was a no-protein day, and the food was lovely, but I felt awful. And that familiar tightness in my throat was gone the instant I had carbs. One of my body's ways of showing an addiction? I know not.

Today, though, I am endeavouring to be virtuous. Back on the broth for me. And probably not much else because my tum is apparently still dead to the world.

Today, I am fighting head fog and the compulsion to sleep even more of my time away. Also, I resume work on Clockwork Souls and actually get my thumb out of the divot on distributing beta copies of Rael.

I may only have two people to Beta that noise, so I'm going to throw my offerings to the four winds: Tumblr, Twitter, Pillowfort, and Medium. See if I get any little fish to bite.

Wish me luck.