Friday Fun

Mayhem has new travel arrangements. He's riding as far as Beloved's work, and then catching public transit the rest of the way to the new digs in Toowong. Then doing that in reverse on the way home.

Which means I don't have to drive anywhere at all.

I just hang out at home all day and only make appearances for Miss Chaos' bus.

Best. Day. Of the week. Officially.

At least for hopeless hermit me. Who would much rather be chilling in a Kigu and uggs and writing ludicrous amounts of fiction for my own entertainment and maybe a few bucks down the line.

The only downside is that my Beloved still has to go to work, so I can't snuggle them at whim.

That's what weekends are for, I guess.

Today, I will hit 12K in B'Nar, and so far most of it is both sides worrying about the other. This could be fun. It could be boring. I don't know. All I know is that I'm having fun with the relevant perspectives and so far, nobody at all is white.