Focus Issues

I didn't art, yesterday. I barely had it together for the writing. Which took me all day.

Because shiny asshole elf plot bunny.

And shiny TAZ woobie fic with the boy detective that I'm holding off on until I hit the hump with the aforementioned asshole.

See what I mean about focus?

It's hit rainy season, so everything is well soaked. I want to spend a majority of my time holed up in a warm comfy place and napping the day away. Sadly, it's a school day and that noise has to go on hold.

I'm proofing that shiny elf fanfic so my Patrons get the best I can offer. Alas, there's bags of it, so it's taking a while.

And I will be arting today. You'll have a longer progress video come next week.

And this is the sort of weather where you have to check for flood warnings before you set off.

Fun times.