Fighting the Fight

It's going to be raining today, and I can't let that stop me, because we have a whole rainy weekend to get anything done in.

Pray I don't electrocute my stupid self with all the water zipping around. If I'm gonna hurt myself to the point where I can't work on this thing anymore, it's going to be on the eve of the day where I can plausibly get help to work on this thing.

Just watch. This is the day I break a limb. Not that I'm trying to do that. It's going to just happen in the world's stupidest way for that to happen.

I just have to wait until after eight in the morning. I think that's the legal hour to get out there and make noise. I'll stay indoors until after nine, just in case.

Don't expect a story before 7pm mytime. If there's still none by tomorrow, I might have harmed myself for want of a cat.

I may not be writing until after dark, but at least y'all have a new episode of Inter-Mission to enjoy.

Posting that as soon as I can after posting this.