Disaster Cascade

I tripped on a chair, stubbed my toe, and completely bolloxed the heel of the same foot in the space of a few seconds.

In the process of hobbling to bed, I did something horrible to the opposite knee.

I need crutches just to get around, but before I got them, the rheumatism in both my wrists flared up and I needed to put my bracers on.

24 hours later, I’m not that much better.

My heel still hurts like blue raging fuck. My opposite knee got me a handful of metres around the house before quitting on me and having to be treated with Deep Heat and wrapped up. My left wrist is behaving itself (for now) but my right is still aching and in a bracer.

I have a splinter of thistle somewhere in my left foot and I feel it whenever I use my toes for balance. Alas, I can’t see it ‘cause thistle splinters are nigh invisible, the fuckers.

I’m tired 'cause I’ve completely bolloxed my sleep cycle by lying down and taking the weight off my feet and then falling asleep 'cause hobbling around on crutches is fargnaxing hard work in the heat of summer.

If I sit upright at my main computer and actually do stuff, I might stay conscious most of today. I hope.

I had such plans. And then I stubbed my toe which arsed my heel which bolloxed my knee which fucked my wrists which I all need to do the things I planned to get done [that lay in the house that Jack built…].

And it’s not looking good for recovery time. I have shit piling up in the rubbish bins. I had a bait outbreak in the mulch bucket. I have dishwashing and laundry piling up.

And I have to stay off my feet.


Mayhem is not nearly as good at being Mum as I am. Chaos doesn’t even want to try. Hubbie and Mostly Shiftless are busy doing other things and Powerhouse has been taking night shifts and can’t help out.

All for the want of a toe.

At least I can pinpoint the exact moment my life went to shit. ~9PM, Sun 5th of February. That’s when it started.

Most people can’t point to a moment in time and say “there! That’s when it all went to crap!”. I can. I still don’t know if that’s a good or a bad thing.