Challenge #185: Those Who Harm

More on Sara at TED talks.

She had her green skin out, this time. And a simple little black dress that was both flattering and demure.

“Some of you are here because you know me,” she began.


“Thankyou. Some of you have already decided everything they need to know about me. And I bet these are the words you thought.”

The slide behind her showed a word cloud. Biggest amongst them were “Mutie” and “Freak”.

Murmur murmur murmur.

“Rarest amongst you, the precious few, are those who thought, ‘Oh. She’s green. Now let’s hear what she has to say’. They’re so rare that there might not be one in this auditorium that seats three thousand. And that’s why my topic, today, is Those Who Harm.”

Murmur murmur murmur murmur.

“Yes, I am talking about you. Everyone who judges first and doesn’t bother to ask questions later does harm. Not only to others, but to themselves. And I’m not only going to explain how and why this happens, but how and why to change your habits.”

Sara loved this part. Minds were about to be blown. Eyes were about to be opened. And one mind at a time, she was changing the world.

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