Challenge #04100-K082: Weapon of Choice

I won't talk no matter what you do, human!

"You sure about that?"

I'm tough as nails, mind, body, and soul, do your worst!


The human takes out their violin, and their lesson book, and begins to practice. The violin screeches, plunks, and makes ungodly noises, the person IS just a novice after all...

Alright, alright enough!

"You'll talk?"

Yes! And you need more lessons! -- Anon Guest

Interrogator Lyle smirked as he bowed the investigators into the room. They would find out everything they needed to know, or Lyle would come back and practice some more.

That was threat enough.

Lyle put his violin and instruction book away before taking a meal in the building's cafeteria. There, Lyle found himself facing a very curious Companion Zytt. Lyle consumed at least three mouthfuls before he cracked and said, "You have questions."

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