Challenge #04051-K033: Don't Touch!

A Knomira is dealing with bad cuts, a bloody nose, ripped up clothes, and a lot of humiliation. What happened? She screamed about "her rights as a human on a human-made station", and tried to force a furry Deathworlder to be her servant, and he defended himself. -- BKF DaniAndShali

[AN: Using RNG for the genders in the story]

The ERT were on the scene in seconds. Security spritzed the alleged attacker with a calming chemical and tapped hir with an immobilizing disc. They did the same for the alleged victim, just to be sure.

The Galactic Alliance's answer to the very Human saying, "Shoot them all and let the Powers[1] sort them out."

Both combatant Deathworlders were hauled into Medik Central, where the catalogue of injuries and forensics were taken into account. Securicam footage saved and filed in association, the Security teams were then free to wait for the Mediks to be done.

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