Challenge #03968-J316: Under Strict Supervision

The wandering magistrate hadn't come, at least not alone. This time, someone much higher rank came with them to see what kind of job they were doing. The knomira and the wandering magistrate learn very quickly this higher-up person is NOT amused by the idea of any kind of corruption among their peers. And, fortunately, this one has the authority to put two individuals in their place, harshly. -- DaniAndShali

There were two horses coming into town. Two riders. One was the travelling magistrate, and the other... wore the livery of the Crown. Her riding dress wore a prominent depiction of the Whitekeep coat of arms on both chest and back. Her horns had a delicate silver diadem locked onto them. She was young, but held herself like a princess.

Because she was a princess. Princess Joyful Velvet Maripose Whitekeep, first of her name. Perfectly safe in the company of that magistrate because everyone knew who her father was.

Besides, the first daughter of the Thrice-Sworn King didn't need her Dad to cut off anyone's face for her. She was just as deadly as her sire. And she promised to be twice as deadly here. She didn't look down her nose at the citizens of Greenway Hollow, she examined them all in seconds as she passed. No wonder she assessed Nada Irontoe as an interfering, opinionated, busybody in an instant.

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